Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a priority at We go to great lengths to protect it. Please take a moment to read the following to learn more about our information practices.

Why we collect personal information?

We collect your personal information because it helps us deliver a superior level of customer service. It enables us to give you convenient access to our products and services and focus on categories of greatest interest to you. In addition, your personal information helps us keep you posted on the latest product announcements, software updates, special offers, and events that you might like to hear about.

What information do we collect?

We collect two types of information from you, "anonymous information" and "identifiable information."

  • - Identifiable information only when you purchase any item from our site like your name, email address etc. You may visit our site anonymously.
  • - Anonymous information is only collected when you download our product to make market research, product demand and number of visitors who are interested in our product.

How do 3rd party credit card processors protect customer information?

We use secure server hosted by Regnow and other 3rd party credit card processors that encrypt all the customer's personal information. Encryption works to prevent any malicious use of your personal information. Your credit card information is only used for online transition.